Domestic Camps

Bright Scholar, Bright Future.

Consistent with Bright Scholar Education Group's vision and mission, domestic camps create safe and diversifed camp environments to children and young teenagers at an affordable price. These are aimed at improving campers' academic capability and soft skills through deep learning classes while adding local fun to their camp life with well-designed outdoor and indoor activities.

Country Garden Silver Beach Camp

The camp is based in Huizhou city, Guangdong. Children can enjoy beautiful views of South-China's coastline, Southeast Asian-style gardens, and a reef is over billion years old. Cooperating with Country Garden Silver Beach School, it provides fully-equipped and functional study rooms, nourishing meals and comfortable accommodation to campers. Participants can experience various outdoor activities in Silver Beach of Daya Bay and original ecological islands. The camp allows children to learn and grow with nature.

Miyun Beijing Camp

The camp is located in an outlying district of Beijing. One-hour drive from Dongzhimen Street, one of the busiest streets in Beijing, children can enjoy the unique scenery at this camp. The international and Chinese camp directors design safe, diverse and challenging activities for participants. The camp aims at improving participants' professionalism, living skills and personalities.